Membership is open to all comers and costs £10 per annum with membership renewable in January. 


Members may attend meetings for just £1 (usual cost £3), may vote at the annual AGM (held in March) and are eligible for committee membership. The latter requires nomination by two current group members.


The current committee members, as of 2020/2021 are:


Hon President - John Wilson

Chairman - Peter Hunt

Vice Chairman - Andy McKinnon

Secretary - Lynne Gadd

Treasurer - Christine Edwards

Mick Ball

Carole Hall

David Hammond

Peter Simonite

Deborah Simonite

Keith Edwards

Patrick Henderson

Marie Hunt


For general membership enquiries please mailto: write to the Secretary at 144 Surgeys Lane, Arnold. Nottingham. NG5 8GB, telephone 0115 9200626 or speak to a committee member. The committee members mug shots appear below (click on an image for name/title) so you can recognise them.