Membership is open to all comers and costs £10 per annum with membership renewable in January. 


Members may attend meetings for just £1 (usual cost £3), may vote at the annual AGM (held in March) and are eligible for committee membership. The latter requires nomination by two current group members.


The current committee members are:



Chairman - Andy McKinnon

Vice Chairman - Patrick Henderson

Secretary - Lynne Gadd

Treasurer - Christine Edwards

Mick Ball

Keith Edwards

Carole Hall

David Hammond

Marie Hunt

Peter Simonite

Deborah Simonite



For general membership enquiries please mailto: write to the Secretary at 144 Surgeys Lane, Arnold. Nottingham. NG5 8GB, telephone 0115 9200626 or speak to a committee member. The committee members photographs appear below (click on an image for name/title) so you can recognise them.