Arnold Local History Group

Arnold Local History Group

Our next meeting will be our 2019/20 AGM


This will be held on Tuesday, March 17th, starting at 7pm. 

The venue is the Methodist Church, Front Street, Arnold.


New committee members are always welcome. If you wish to apply please contact the Chairman, Mr Peter Hunt. You will need to complete a simple application form and have the form signed by two current members of the group. Applications must be submitted to the Secretary by March 1st.

This year four current committee members are up for re-election, Deborah Simonite, Peter Simonite, David Hammond and Mick Ball.  

Following the formalities of the AGM, Peter will present a previously unseen film of Old Arnold and to round off the evening there will be a buffet. 

A puzzle

Where is this scene?

What is the name of the public house on the left?

There is a Fred Dibnah-esque chimney on the right.

What was its purpose?

Please put your answers in the comments section below.