All Arnold Local History Goups media; books, photographs, audio files and videos will appear in these pages.

The group is the custodian of a large photographic archive comprising over 7000 items. These pictures have been recently scanned into JPG format and the group is working towards placing the files into a searchable database.

Whilst this latest Herculean project is being completed, we are still happy to locate and mail photographs from the archive if you have a specific request. But please be patient. Thank you.


16.10.2020 09:01

Tracy Bentley

Does anyone know where Peters row Nottingham road daybrook was please. My grandad lived there in 1911 but I can find no trace of it anywhere. Thankyou

16.10.2020 14:11

Lynne Gadd (Secretary)

Hi Tracy, Peters Row was situated between Nottingham Road and Church Drive, very close to Church Drive school. If you email me (secretary) on the email on the contacts page I can let you have images.

14.10.2020 18:36

Susan Ractliffe

Hi, we are looking for photographs of Woodthorpe from around the 1970s. Any specifically of Somersby Rd would be great. Shops etc. Any help much appreciated.