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05.10.2022 09:32

Sandra bee

I'm trying to find out about the
BARBER TROPHY which was presented to the bonington house by the Bishop of Southwell.
Presented to A Bee (captain) my late father who passed away 5/6/22 for memory box.

03.11.2022 15:32

Lynne Gadd

Sandra, we contacted Bonington House about the trophy you refer to but unfortunately have been unable to locate it, if you could provide more information, we may be able to look into it further. Lynne

28.10.2022 19:31

Lynne Gadd

Hi Sandra, we will look into this for you and post a reply on this site as soon as we have any information. Lynne

25.04.2022 14:03

Nadia Bledsoe

Greetings! I am an American visiting UK this week. I will be in Arnold Friday the 29th. I have traced to John Newham b 1658 d 1718 both in Arnold. Wondering if you have resources to share?

18.03.2022 09:51

Michael Bolton

I was a cub and scout at 2nd Arnold from 1958 onwards and helped with the demolishing of the old air raid shelter. I may have photos and will have a look - could take a little while!!

11.05.2022 15:25

Anne-Marie Fisher

Thank you! I am collating any photos/info I can find from the past for 2nd Arnold's 90 year celebration in September. It would be good to see you there, please let me know if you'd like details.

15.03.2022 12:19

Anne-Marie Fisher

Hi, Do you have any photos of the old scout hut & air raid shelter that were demolished & replaced by the current scout hut (Calverton road) or of Fred Atherley & Scouts from that time? Thank you

06.06.2022 17:51


Hi Anne-Marie, would you know anything about the scout groups that met in Bond St? Or do you have a contact who would know? I'm writing about Bonington House and would like to include details if possi

29.03.2022 09:54

Lynne Gadd

Hi Anne-Marie, a photograph has been added to 'requested pictures' in the Gallery tab, showing the bottom of Church Lane. Lynne (ALHG secretary)

13.03.2022 16:01

Lesley Wells

Hi, where abouts is your meeting? 😊

13.03.2022 16:19

Patrick ALHG vice Chair

Arnold Methodist church 54 Front Street NG5 7EL 7pm start

02.02.2022 21:51

Steven Cooke

Hi there. Are there any photographs of Chelsbury Court Arnold being constructed and Henry Jew & Son wood yard being demolished and land cleared? Thanks

20.01.2022 14:35

Michael Parkinson

I enjoyed the talk given by Chris Weir on Tuesday 18 January 2022.I sold one of my Thames Path Walk books, 2 of my Ovaltineys to Girls Club and one of my Billy Fury to YouTube books.Thank you

19.01.2022 17:03

Helen Holland

Message for Lynne from Tony Holland. Thank you for your letter from 11 September 2021. I was in hospital at that time and have only just been discharged. Please continue to write to me. Thanks, Tony

03.02.2022 22:57

Lynne Gadd

Hi Tony, many thanks for your message. I will be in touch again shortly. Lynne Gadd (secretary)

09.01.2022 17:42


Has anyone actually been inside Bonington House?? If you have please share your recollections.

29.10.2021 14:30

Michael Parkinson

Is the next meeting on Wednesday 17 November because they are usually on Tuesday please

29.10.2021 20:59

Lynne Gadd

Michael, just to confirm, the next speaker meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th November. Kind regards. Lynne Gadd (secretary).

15.10.2021 00:34

Steven Cooke

Are there photos available of Tyre Services (Front Street) Ltd please too thanks

15.10.2021 00:33

Steven Cooke

Are there any photos please of the houses opposite The Ram or the demolition of them also photos of Siddons Structural Engineers yard and factory on Henry Street and opposite it please

12.12.2021 11:10

Lynne Gadd

Steven, some of the photographs you requested have now been uploaded onto the site under the Gallery tab. Lynne Gadd (secretary)

21.10.2021 10:40

Lynne Gadd

Hi Stephen, I will check to see if we have any images in our archive of the houses on Redhill which you refer to and will post on the site shortly. Kind regards. Lynne Gadd (secretary)

15.10.2021 00:30

Steven Cooke

Are there any photographs of..
Tyre Services (Front Street) Ltd
The houses and post office in-between the Waggon and Horses and The Ram Inn

12.10.2021 10:07

Patrick Henderson

Just a reminder we start back next week 19th October 7pm Arnold Methodist Church

25.08.2021 15:58

Catherine Johnson

Hello Arnold group.
Does anyone have access to Arnold Parish Registers etc for SMITHs who came from CALVERTON?
I'm trying to pin down my John SMITH born abt 1798/1800 who came to STAPLEFORD, Notts.

10.09.2021 17:21

Lynne Gadd

Hi Catherine, I would advise contacting St Mary’s Church to see what registers they hold, or the Nottinghamshire Archives, who should be able to help. Lynne (secretary)

13.08.2021 08:35

Jamie Marks

Has anyone got any old photos or pictures of St Albans Road in Arnold?
Also any information about the shops that used to be on there. Many thanks

02.09.2021 09:14


Give me an email address and I'll do my best

01.09.2021 18:21

Jamie Marks

Hi, I would love to see any old photos you have of St Albans Road in Arnold

01.09.2021 08:48

Mr Geoff Smith

Hi James, the group has one photograph which may be of use. It is of the corner shop on St Albans/Furlong St. It you want a copy please EMail me.

03.08.2021 16:27


Anyone remember Bostocks general store on the corner of Redhill Rd and Campion St?

23.08.2021 14:01

Stuart Frew

Yes I remember this little shop. It was still there at least until the late 1960s, maybe beyond.

17.05.2021 14:04

Ian Young

I also attended Robert Mellors in the 1960s. Just seems like yesterday

15.05.2021 14:38

Alison Palmer

I have 3 paintings by presumably a local artist, of Arnold in the 1930s. His (or her) name is A J Marshall. I would be very interested if anyone has any information on the artist please.

11.06.2021 10:52

Lynne Gadd

I have contacted the local Arts Society about this artist, as yet we have been unable to find any information. We will continue to research and will post any information. Lynne (Secretary)

26.04.2021 18:22

Trevor Ford

Yes John, I remember you well, we were in Keg Whitworth’s class, seems like yesterday !

24.04.2021 07:34

john garner

i went to Robert Mellors Secondary school in the early 60's .I remember the name Stuart Barnes andc Trev Ford was in my year I think

07.03.2021 23:41

Lyndsey Ball

Just curious to know if there is an.y history on Kilisick junior school? I'm I'm struggling to find any at all

10.01.2021 23:36

Tony Pulford

Hi, I'm researching the Smith family who lived in one of the Churchmoor Cottages in the mid to late 19th C and later had the sweet shop next to the 7 stars inn well into 20th C. Any info appreciated.

23.12.2020 22:51

Philip Gosling

Hi. I’m looking for any photos or information anyone has on my grandads fruit and veg shop called Barnes the Grocers on front street Arnold from early 50s till about early 80s. Thanks.

26.04.2021 17:31

Ann Hickling

I remember the Barnes Grocery shop on Front Street. My sister and I used to go in there during the 1940s/50s and they used to give us apples. Did your grandparent die whilst clearing the snow?

20.04.2021 05:28

Trevor Ford

I went to school with Stuart Barnes and I remember his Dad very well, my Mam (Mary Ford) nee Ryan,was born at 36a Front Street 1916, and I spent much of my childhood on Front St, around the early 50’s

14.03.2021 23:40

Linda Cooke

I remember Barnes grocers. Sorry I have no more information though

17.12.2020 17:05

Elaine Richardson

My name is Elaine Richardson
I am trying to find out when my exarmy house was built 15 Robin Hood Road.Arnold Nottingham.i have check my deeds and land title and it is not on them .can you hel

12.12.2020 16:36

Elaine Richardson

I am trying to find out when my house was built
I cant find a date on the land registry document.Do you know when the houses on 15 Robin Hood Road.Arnold NG58NP were built please

03.12.2020 23:59

Steven Cooke

Anyone have a photo of the frontage (mainly) or other of Tyre Services (Front Street) Ltd that was demolished in 1987 please? I worked there from May 1984 until it's end.

02.10.2020 13:46

Michael Parkinson

Can you remember George Dove from Arnold. The landlord who turned down the Beatles.

24.08.2020 17:28

Michael Parkinson

Here is a YouTube link to George Dove of Arnold describing his youth in Arnold and wartime exploits.

16.08.2020 13:16

Alison Palmer

Does anyone know of a local artist. AJ Marshall?

31.07.2020 13:43

Carole Cottam

I used to attend High Street infant school in the 1960s I can’t find any pictures of the building and wondered if you could help?

26.06.2020 09:13

Nigel Russell-Turner

I would like to join your group when this craziness is over. I live in the old cottage on Surgeys Lane once occupied by Donkey Saywell. A legend.

26.06.2020 09:30

Patrick ALHG

Thanks Nigel look forward to welcoming you Keep an eye on the web site for information about us starting again

18.04.2020 13:00

David Clarke

Canaries..my mum threw the pie to the birds as it was disgusting. Their house was at junction of cross st. And highest.
This was in 40s and 50s.maisomettes stand there now. When they died the houses w

18.04.2020 12:56

David Clarke

Should say Canadiens. Just oil lamps inside. Johntoms sold a pony the whitestar on its forehead was painted on. His sister sent him an apple pie from Skeggy in hose for yonks he sent it to my brother

18.04.2020 12:52

David Clarke

Johntoms caught birds, painted them and pretended they were budgies/Canadiens. Sold them for a few pennies. Their house was worse than Dickensian houses. Coal kept indoors to prevent

18.04.2020 12:49

David Clarke

2 tramps lived on cross st.,2derelict houses...johntom was friendle but crazyman was always cursing and screaming. They never washed johntoms face cracked when he smiled.

18.04.2020 12:45

David Clarke

Sunderland Sue lived on Hardstaffs yard. They had sacks at the Windows as there was no glass. The Yard was at back of Nelson pub.

18.04.2020 12:43

David Clarke

David Clarke. I went to redhill school with his nephew and niece. He was Keith but didn't like it known that they were related. My mum knew Sunderland Sue. She terrorised Arnold for fear of her.

18.04.2020 12:38

David zclarke

I remember Bronno. He lived on Salop Street. He was a scrapman. You could obtain all sorts from his yard. When I bought oil for my car in the 50's. He used to pour the oil out on his dining room table

14.03.2020 07:06


The photo is taken from outside the Cross Keys. The pub on the left would be the original Horse And Jockey. The sign on the right reads Shipstones Home Brewed Ales.

16.03.2020 14:05


10/10 for observation. But what is the over large chimney?

14.03.2020 07:09


See the photo of the Cross Keys under Public Houses in the media section.

25.02.2020 15:23


Does anyone remember Benny Blunt, Bronno or Sunderland Sue?? We are looking to write an article on Arnold's characters. Do you know anyone else that fits the bill?

22.03.2020 10:19


Many thanks Cynthia. The library has a copy of the book but it will have to wait until it reopens.

19.02.2020 08:23


A clue, this is Front St.

23.03.2020 06:52


OK. Thank you Geoff. The book definitely names Sunderland Sue as Sue Peck. She lived in Hardstaffs Yard.,So, members can perhaps research on line