Guaranteed to start a conversation for a certain generation. Arnolds favourite chippy?


29.09.2021 19:56

Michael Fox

Hatters Chip Shop. Mr & Mrs Hatter lived in house up the drive (1960s). 'Sixpenny Mix' and batter bits!

29.09.2020 03:00

Michael Buczko

The house in the background was owned by a Mrs. Hearson,who owned the second hand shop further up Front Street,just a little past Wood St.Next to the Butchers Arms pub.

21.06.2020 22:38

Ms M Scrivens

Chips, mushy peas and batter bits 18p.

20.06.2020 10:58

Barbara Pridgeon

My mum and myself worked there for quite a few years definitely the best chippy in arnold in it's time.

20.06.2020 10:33

Chris Wardle

Got my first kiss from my wife up the side of this chippy

20.06.2020 05:38

Andrew Richards

Definitely the best chippy Arnold has ever seen! Known locally as "Hatters"