Front Street


The groups main exhibition for 2022 will focus on the history of Front Street. People of all ages will have memories of the towns main thoroughfare and its many changes over the years. This gallery is a snap shot of the streets evolution.

We would be most interested in any further photographs or material which you think would enhance our exibition. The photographs don't have to be old black & white sepia toned masterpieces. Anything from any era is of interest, as we aim to make the exibition appealing to a wide age group. If you wish to contribute please contact us through this site by leaving a comment below. 


02.08.2021 21:37

Phyllis Danko

Front St. is of interest since the JEW families (my direct line) lived + worked there: William JEW, frameknitter + a son Thomas JEW, butcher. Any photos? Info?

27.07.2021 09:56

Valerie Kemp

Hi,, I do not know alot about Arnold , I came from stapleford and live in the city, on a recent visit to your town we noticed outside Boyes on Front st, a structure with headstones within them. .....

03.08.2021 14:47


The structure next to Boyes is a plot of graves formerly part of Front Street Baptist graveyard which were left when the chapel was demolished in the 1960s and a new Co-op was built now Boyes.

08.02.2020 08:15

A John Bowmar

I like the site, I lived in Arnold from 1947 to 1971.