Gone but not forgotten

Arnold's trams ran from 1915 until 1936. Originally, the service from Nottingham terminated at Daybrook Square. I was eventually extended to run along Nottingham Road to terminate approximately opposite Arnold's current library.

The crest of Arnold Urban District Council, forerunner of Gedling Borough Council. The heraldry is interesting as it not only encompasses the eagle for Arnold but also white and blue wavy bars referring to the Day Brook (Daybrook), the red background approximates the area of Redhill and the Oak depicts Woodthorpe, all places within the Arnold District.

the first steam roller bought by Arnold Council.

Christmas light at Daybrook Square, Daybrook.

The Meadow School

Interior of the old Bonington Theatre, Nottingham Road, Arnold.

The Daybrook Laundry, Mansfield Road, Daybrook. Now the site of a branch of Aldi supermarkets, (opened 2014).

Chestnut House, Miss Robinsons School in Arnold.

Goodwood House. This grand house was built on the land between Cross Street and Mansfield Road at Redhill.

The original White Hart, Mansfield Road. A much loved old coaching in, variously addressed as Redhill or Daybrook. The building made way for a subsequent public house which has also now been demolished in 2009. The land now has a Lidl supermarket being built on it at the time of writing.

Moira House, Arnold. One of the town's best-know homes. Demolished to make way for what is now an ASDA supermarket on Front Street

Redhill Lodge, Redhill. This large home is now the site of a series of established house in Redhill in the vicinity of Redhill Lodge Drive and Salcombe Drive. Some of it's original perimeter walls are still extant on Mansfield Road.

The Three Crowns public house, Mansfield Road, Redhill.

The Daybrook School, Mansfield Road, Daybrook.

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