2016 exhibition will run from 5th November to 26th November focusing on Arnold and the Somme and how it affected our town.


There will be 2 talk days starting on the 12th

10.30am The Sherwood Froresters in the Battle of the Somme by Ralph Lloyd Jones

12.00 noon Wings over the Somme by Bob Massey

2.00pm Their Glory Shall Not be Blotted Out

The 7th Battalion of the Green Howards in front of Fricourt July 1st 1916 by Steve Erskine

Entry is free.

Leaflets with the programme of events are now available.

Details of speakers on 19th will be displayed shortly

Arnold Local History Group has been investigating Arnold during World War One.  This has included Arnot Hill House, in Arnot Hill Park, Arnold, which was set up and run as an auxiliary hospital by the St John Ambulance and British Red Cross in 1913.​

The house, which was privately owned, was sold in 1919 to the council and remains as council offices today.


'While many projects focus on those that have died, we wanted to focus on those that survived and tell their stories.'

The group, which has around 200 members, has had over a year to conduct the research, but has countless research papers to sift through.

'Many of our members are already looking through the archives and we have 7,000 photos to analyse which were donated by two local historians.'

'A year may seem a long time, but there was a lot to do.'

The main job has been to track down the relatives of people in Arnold who were involved in the war.

'A town's history is very important and it gives another perspective on the First World War which is often forgotten.'

The auxiliary hospital treated hundreds of injured soldiers after their efforts in France during the war.

Many survived and went on to work and live within Arnold's community. The group still wants to trace their families.

'This exhibition will ensure we do not forget what people from our community did during the First World War and the impact it had on our area.