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Thank you for visiting the Arnold Local History Group's website. We hope you have enjoyed the content here and we look forward to producing fresh items in the future for your interest. We like our site to be an interactive one and for people with an interest in Arnold to have the opportunity to offer their own contributions. Thanks again for your visit and 'haste ye back'.

Website 11. Sep, 2018

bigpond email help

This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!.

2. Sep, 2018

Phyllis (JEW) Danko

Hello Patrick, ALHG. Has there been any news from St. Mary's Church regarding William Jew's gravestone reading? I know it was a busy time when the request was made in May. Thank you.

8. Aug, 2018

Jayne Kirkby

Hi, thankyou for a wonderful site: I live on Sandfield Road and I know John Neville lived in my house in the late 60’s - does anyone have any photos or memories of his time here? I have also been told that this house was a ration station in the Second
World War? Any information or clues would be really appreciated, thankyou,

Website 3. Aug, 2018

Katie O'Driscoll

Great website, very useful to me, thank you for sharing.

30. Jul, 2018


came across this picture aongst some old photos

5. Jul, 2018

Heather Murray

I have recently discovered your website and was interested to read Barbara Balbo-Wayte's email from 16th Feb 2018. Barbara and I were friends in the 1950's and spent many happy hours playing in her father's builder's yard on Nottingham Road. At that time
I lived with my grandparents, Edith and Len Murray at 4 Charles St. until my parents bought a place of their own in 1957 and we moved to Chilwell. My grandmother Edith Murray (nee Shaw), was Arnold born and bred, as was my step-grandmother Annie Javens (nee
Bailey), who lived on Arnot Hill Rd.

13. Jun, 2018

Verna M

Julie Archer...I remember shopping at Barnes green grocer on Front st...they had washed carrots to snack on when no fruit was available.

Website 13. Jun, 2018

Julie Archer

to Janet Barnes my name was Juluie Barnes and my Great Ucles Alf and Fred owned the greengrocers..I got Married and now live in Canada and I ave been in touch with Simon recently my married name is Archer hope to come over this year if you would like to
connect my email address is

2. Jun, 2018

Verna M

Pics of St Mary's Football (1930-40's) team with cups were on a page I saw last year on Arnold. Can't find it now. any team pics anyone ?

Website 29. May, 2018


Very nice work keep it up!

Website 25. May, 2018

john mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome:

Samuel Holmes BROWN 1879 & Elizth WILLIAMSON 1875

Valentine COLDRON 1848 & Elizabeth DENISON 1845

William MARTIN 1815 & Ann COOPER 1820

Frank JORDAN 1893 & Hilda Rose CHAPPELL 1891

Samuel JORDAN 1859 & Annie MARTIN 1862

Claude HARRISON 1890 & Ellen JORDAN 1890

Robert BRAMLEY 1924 & Mary E PADLEY 1924

15. May, 2018

Janet barnes

I am looking for any photo of the townhouse , Arnold that used to be a greengrocer under the name of smith which was my grandad

15. May, 2018

Patrick ALHG Web site monitor

Hello Richard thanks for the pictures could you tell where it is and its relevance to Arnold

Do you know any of the other people on the pictures?

12. May, 2018

Richard Fulcher

Right hand side ... I wasn't able to upload the whole image in one go :-(

12. May, 2018

Richard Fulcher

The team that competed against Appledoorn, (Netherlands) and a club from West Berlin in 1973. That's me on the back row with my eyes closed!

10. May, 2018

Phyllis Danko

Thank you Patrick!

Look forward to hearing from the Church.

8. May, 2018

Patrick ALHG

Phyllis we have asked a friend at St Marys church to have a look for you

6. May, 2018


Kudos to John Mellors. Your website is fantastic. Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do. It is greatly appreciated.

6. May, 2018


Hoping someone can check on William Jew headstone at St. Mary's Parish, Arnold. My photo is undecipherable! Thank you.

29. Apr, 2018

Lynda Pykett nee Barnes

To Philip gosling who posted on the site last month. My father was bought up by his grandma and grandpa in the shop on Front st. I can’t remember finding any photos. The shop passed to my dads 2 uncles Alf and Fred. Al if the grandpas children were given
shops, 1 in Daybrook. My Grandoa wasn’t due to the fact he’d gone off the rails when his wife died shortly after having my Dad. There was def a house in Woodborough that had a market garden at the back that also belonged to one of the Barnes family. I’ll take
a look for any photos. I believe there’s one in Lindleys garage in Arnold.

31. Mar, 2018

Philip gosling

I would like to find or see if anyone has a picture of my grandfathers greengrocers shop on front street opposite the market. The name was Barnes the grocers.

Website 30. Mar, 2018

john mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome:

Walter ANTHONY 1879 & Sarah Ann WELLS 1881

Walter N ANTHONY 1910 & Winifred B SELBY 1910

John T ALLCOCK 1890 & Dorothy M BROCKLEHURST 1893

Lewis COOLING 1897 & Mabel ALLCOCK 1893

Percy W ALLCOCK 1899 & Constance Olive BRAMLEY 1904

Isaac ALLCOCK 1859 & Hannah WELLS 1858

Charlie ORTLIEB 1906 & Hilda M BARTLE 1909

John Edward KITCHEN 1907 & Ivy ORTLIEB 1907

Benedict J ORTLIEB 1881 & Sarah Ann BLATHERWICK 1882

Relative Density - Family Tree

A Family Tree genealogy website researching HARTSHORN, Denham, Wardle, Smith, Burton, Mellors, ROCKLEY, Holmes, Hawkins, WILLIAMSON and other surnames.


Website 24. Mar, 2018


The attached photo dated approx 1952/3 shows Mr WING's class at Front St Boys School - I have managed (I think) to recognise David CROSSLEY (back row left) Richard TOONE (4th from left) - 2nd row John WHITTAKER 2nd from left, Chris HACK 3rd from left,
John MELLORS 5th from left - 3rd row Michael EDWARDS 4th from left, Dave TERRY ? 7th from left, Colin GLEDHILL 8th from left - 4th row Michael CAST 3rd from left - Front Row John CAWTHORNE 1st left, Michael STIMSON 3rd from left , Geoffrey HARDY 4th from left.
Any help correcting the above or identifying the others much appreciated. Photograph supplied by the late Michael STIMSON of Derry Hill Rd and late of Calverton

Website 16. Mar, 2018

john mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome:

Hugh ROOK 1911 & Mabel Ann WELLS 1915

Isaac Samuel WELLS 1907 & Constance M TERRY 1907

Samuel WELLS 1878 & Sarah Jane CREE 1881

Percy W ALLCOCK 1899 & Constance Olive BRAMLEY 1904

Lewis COOLING 1897 & Mabel ALLCOCK 1893

Lewis BLATHERWICK 1879 & Mary Ellen NORMAN

Relative Density - Family Tree

A Family Tree genealogy website researching HARTSHORN, Denham, Wardle, Smith, Burton, Mellors, ROCKLEY, Holmes, Hawkins, WILLIAMSON and other surnames.


Website 2. Mar, 2018


This is really a great stuff for sharing. Thanks for sharing.

16. Feb, 2018

Barbara Balbo-Wayte

Lovely to find this site and to be a part of it! I was born in Arnold in 1945 to Ellen and Alfred Wayte. My father had a building business on Nottingham Road which had been in the family for 3 generations (attached a photo of my grandfather centre taken
circa 1920). My mother was née Holbrook from Church Drive.

Website 3. Feb, 2018

John Mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome:

George Henry STAPLES 1901 & Mary MELLORS 1905

George Henry STAPLES 1901 & Fanny SUDBURY 1916

Frederick STAPLES 1893 & Jenny HIRST 1899


Job WILLIAMSON 1873 & Florence OSCROFT 1875

Website 19. Jan, 2018

John Mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome

Frederick PEMBLETON 1851 & Elizabeth A MARTIN 1852

Joseph PEMBLETON 1811 & Ann SMITH 1815

George H HORTON 1903 & Caroline D M GARTON 1907

Samuel W HORTON 1881 & Elizabeth DORMAN 1879

James RICHARDSON 1884 & Emma HORTON 1883

William WIDDOWSON 1875 & Elizabeth HORTON 1869

Website 22. Dec, 2017

john mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome

Frederick H WRIGHT 1873 & Gertrude FRANKS 1874

Gordon L FISH 1887 & Florence WILLIAMSON 1887

William Henry WILLIAMSON 1856 & Frances M ATKINS 1864

Septimus WILLIAMSON 1836 & Mary SIMPSON

Ernest ROCKLEY 1885 & Eliza MELLORS 1889

Isaac SIMPSON 1865 & Fanny Eliza MELLORS 1870

Samuel TURNER 1869 & Betsy A P SIMPSON 1868

Jeremiah SIMPSON 1851 & Sarah Ann PEMBLETON 1846

17. Dec, 2017

anne atkin

What are the wooden structures on Sandfield Rd, opposite white cottage

Website 14. Dec, 2017

John Mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome


Samuel W WILLIAMSON 1884 & Francis M FROGGATT 1887

Frederick H WRIGHT 1873 & Gertrude FRANKS 1874

George A WILLIAMSON 1879 & Elizabeth MARSHALL 1881

John A WILLIAMSON 1860 & Mary Ann HARTOPP 1862

Gordon L FISH 1887 & Florence WILLIAMSON 1887

Lewis B WILLIAMSON 1890 & Mabel HUDSON 1893

Leonard WILLIAMSON 1895 & Kate JARRAM

Website 24. Nov, 2017

john mellors

The following families have been added/updated on the Relative Density Web Site. They are all Arnold Notts associated and as usual COMMENTS/ CORRECTIONS and contact are welcome

William OSCROFT 1810 & Sarah LAMIN 1809

William OSCROFT 1843 & Kate HIGGINS 1850

John William ELLIS 1883 & Catharine FELL 1881

Charles F ROBERTS 1886 & Edna Elizabeth VOCE 1894

William ANTHONY 1871 & Catherine MILLER 1870

Samuel HAMMOND 1883 & Florence ELLIS 1886

19. Nov, 2017

Joyce Smith

I am researching Hattie Payne born Daybrook about 1897..she was engaged to be married to my mothers cousin Eric Thomas Stevens Aust. soldier killed in action March 1918...did she come to Aust. or later married in the Uk...

Website 2. Oct, 2017

John Mellors

Harry ANTHONY 1900 & Ethel PINDER 1899

I have added this family to Relative Density

Margaret ANTHONY is a direct descendant of Edward HARTSHORN

Comment, Correction and Contact welcome

Website 29. Sep, 2017

John Mellors

George ANTHONY 1875 & Lucy HAMMOND 1876

I have added this family to Relative Density

Both families appear to have been Arnold based from at least 1881

Comments/ Corrections/ Contacts appreciated

Website 22. Sep, 2017

John Mellors

Christopher FELL 1839 & Maria PLUMB 1839

I have added this family to Relative Density

The FELL family appear to have been Arnold based from at least 1841 and the PLUMB family are from Lambley/Gedling

Comments/ Corrections/ Contacts appreciated

Website 22. Sep, 2017

John Mellors

John William ELLIS 1883 & Catharine FELL 1881

I have added this family to Relative Density

Both families appear to have been Arnold based from at least 1891

Comments/ Corrections/ Contacts appreciated

Website 16. Sep, 2017

Vina Jones

I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!

Website 13. Sep, 2017

John Mellors

I have added the family of John T OSCROFT 1845 & Annie Boot HARVEY 1855 to

John Thomas OSCROFT (1846 - 1885) married Annie Boot HARVEY (1855 - 1921) on 12 Apr 1875 at Nottm St John the Baptist.

They had a daughter Annie OSCROFT (1876 - 1922) who appears to have married Tom SULLEY on 13 Jul 1893 at Arnold St Mary - I hope to confirm which Tom SULLEY she married via Notts Archives in the near future.

Annie Boot HARVEY & John T OSCROFT were first cousins - both grandchildren of William OSCROFT 1784 & Sophia SHENTER 1788

Comments/ Corrections/ contacts on these Arnold Notts families welcome

4. Sep, 2017

Colleen Snape

Colleen Snape nee Anthony. Lived on Acton Road from 1963 till May 1970. Parents James Anthony and Hilda Mayers lived all their married life on Lilleker Rise. Hilda's family lived in the White House on Calverton Road.

29. Aug, 2017

Bill Spiby

Only lived in Arnold since 77. Originally from Bulwell.

28. Aug, 2017

Sandra Hufton

A glimpse into the possible background and lives of those who shared Arnold with my grandparents the Huftons.

Website 3. Aug, 2017


This is an excellent place to stay, and I would highly recommend it to my friends.

Website 26. Jul, 2017

John Mellors

I have updated the information on John William ELLIS 1883 & Catharine FELL 1881 both of Arnod

John William ELLIS 1883


Mar 1883 Basford 7b 175 or 7b 230 John William son of John W & Elizabeth ELLIS


Sep 1906 Basford 7b 238 John William ELLIS & Carrie FELL


Wife: Catharine FELL 1881


Jun 1881 Basford 7b 216 Catharine dau of Christopher & Maria FELL


Sep 1906 Basford 7b 238 John William ELLIS & Carrie FELL

Comments, Corrections, Contacts and Constructive Criticism are always welcome

Message me or visit the site for further information

13. Jul, 2017

John Mellors


Jun 1873 Basford 7b 153 William OSCROFT & Kate HIGGINS

06 Apr 1873 Basford St Leodigarius Marriage Entry 392 after Banns

William OSCROFT 29 bach fwk of New Basford son of Thomas OSCROFT fwk &

Kate HIGGINS 23 spin of New Basford dau of George HIGGINS broker

Wit by: William (x) BAILEY & Ann (x) BAILEY


Dec 1905 Nottingham 7b 128 William OSCROFT aged 61 Redhill Cemetery

14 Oct 1905 bur Original Class A Rt Grave 245 William OSCROFT aged 61


OSCROFT William of Arnold died 10 Oct 1905 at Nottingham. Probate Nottingham

7 Nov 1905 to Samuel OSCROFT grocer & William JEW draper: Effects £161-17s-6d

Comments, Corrections, Contacts and Constructive Criticism is always welcome

Message me or visit the

site for further information

Website 13. Jul, 2017

John Mellors I have updated the information on

William JEW 1846 RD of Arnold

Arnold St Mary Baptism Register Entry 1885

26 Apr 1846 bap William son of Alfred (butcher) & Sophia JEW


Dec 1870 Nottingham 7b 533 William JEW & Harriot BURTON


Sep 1875 Wisbeach 3b 977 William JEW & Sarah PETT


12 Dec 1891 Admon of the personal estate of Harriett (wife of William JEW) late of Arnold who died 25 Apr 1871 at Arnold was granted to the said William JEW of Arnold draper. Personal Estate £35

and his first wife Harriot Aldred BURTON 1846 of Eastwood


Mar 1846 Basford 15 479 Harriet Aldred BURTON

“MARSHALL FT” Sandra FORREST shows baptism as:

05 Apr 1846 Eastwood for Harriet Aldred dau of John & Zilla BURTON


Dec 1870 Nottingham 7b 533 William JEW & Harriot BURTON


25 Apr 1871 Arnold for Harriett JEW wife of William JEW


Jun 1871 Basford 7b 82 Harriet Aldred JEW aged 25

Comments, Corrections, Contacts and Constructive Criticism is always welcome

Message me or visit the site for further information

Website 22. May, 2017


Your photos are so meaningful.

17. May, 2017

Sheila Black

Very interesting, my mother Dorothy Elliott was born in Sherbrook road Daybrook in 1928 and then moved to Acton Road. She also worked at the Claymar factory - My grandfather was jack elliott a local artist.

My mother has recently past away and I was facinated looking through your site.

I am not sure if I still have it but he did a painting of Arnold councils last cart horse, who used to be in a field at the bottom of Acton road hill a site which is now a bungalow

Website 24. Mar, 2017


I sit there open-mouthed watching .... how beautiful !!! that deserves respect for what you accomplish out there ... a lot of fun too with these ideas!

13. Mar, 2017

John Mellors

Further to yesterday's message on the OCCLESHAW - PARKIN family I have now completed the file for the family of George OCCLESHAW 1901 & Nora Eliza STORER 1908. This provides additional links via Nora Eliza STORER 1908 to other OCCLESHAW - HARTSHORN descendants

This branch of the OCCLESHAW family produced at least 6 children (all direct descendant on the HARTSHORN line) and links between the OCCLESHAW Family to the following Nottingham Surnames would help:


Corrections, comments, contacts are welcome

12. Mar, 2017

John Mellors

I have completed a file for the family Thomas OCCLESHAW 1925 & Freda PARKIN 1918 which provides a direct link to the HARTSHORN family adding a minimum of 7 new descendants and establishing a link between the OCCLESHAW family from Lancashire and families
in Arnold in Notts

Henry HARTSHORN 1833 m 1852 Elizabeth SHOWELL 1834


William HARTSHORN 1859 m1876 Hannah Clay TURNER 1858


William Arthur STORER 1877m 1898 Emma HARTSHORN 1878


Nora Eliza STORER 1908 m 1925 George OCCLESHAW 1901


Freda PARKIN 1918 m 1945 Thomas OCCLESHAW 1925


six sons

Would be interested in hearing from descendants of:

David OCCLESHAW bn 1946 & Ellen SHARP

Peter OCCLESHAW bn 1948 & Jennifer HORTON

Graham OCCLESHAW bn 1951 & Susan DAVIS

Tony OCCLESHAW bn 1955 & Mariam HOPEWELL

Trevor OCCLESHAW bn 1958 & Maureen WILKINSON

Comments, corrections & Contacts welcome

Website 9. Mar, 2017

Mary Swick

What a beautiful site. Looks all neat. So glad to learn some amazing knowledge here.

8. Mar, 2017

John Mellors

I have completed the family of Frank TOMLINSON 1904 & Gladys Mary STORER 1910 - Gladys Mary (or May) STORER is a direct link to the HARTSHORN family.

This provides a link between the TOMLINSON's of Hucknall and the STORER family of Arnold to one of our main research lines (the HARTSHORN family)

Henry HARTSHORN 1833 m 1852 Elizabeth SHOWELL 1834


William HARTSHORN 1859 m1876 Hannah Clay TURNER 1858


William Arthur STORER 1877m 1898 Emma HARTSHORN 1878


Gladys Ma(r)y STORER 1910 m 1936 Frank TOMLINSON 1904


Frank TOMLINSON STORER 1926 and possibly one other child

Comments, corrections and contacts are always welcome

7. Mar, 2017

david cope


Website 6. Mar, 2017

John Mellors

I have completed the Arnold Family for Horace Kendrick STORER 1918 & Sylvia GENT 1916. The family are connected to the

HARTSHORN Family as shown

Henry HARTSHORN 1833 m 1852 Elizabeth SHOWELL 1834


William HARTSHORN 1859 m1876 Hannah Clay TURNER 1858


Emma HARTSHORN 1878 m 1898 William Arthur STORER 1877


Horace Kendrick STORER 1918 m 1937 Sylvia GENT

Looking for descendants of the 8 children of Horace & Sylvia.

Commments, Corrections or Contacts welcome

3. Mar, 2017

John Mellors

I have just completed the family of Frederick HOWORTH 1887 & Mary Jane WRIGHT 1888. this provides a link between the HOWARTH/HOWORTH family of Mansfield and the WRIGHT family of Arnold

Comments, corrections and contacts always welcome

Looking for descendants of this couple.

Website 1. Mar, 2017

John Mellors

I have just completed the family of Arthur HOLBROOK 1883 & Ellen MARSHALL 1874

22 Oct 1907 Arnold St Mary Marriage Register Entry 221 after Banns

Arthur HOLBROOK 24 bach pork butcher of 137 Front St son of John HOLBROOK greengrocer & Ellen MARSHALL 31 spin of Burford St dau of William MARSHALL hosiery mkr

Wit by Arthur HOLBROOK 1883 & Ellen MARSHALL 1874

Both families were in Arnold from 1850 or before. Looking for descendants of this couple.

Comments, Corrections and contacts are always welcome

Website 23. Feb, 2017

John Mellors

I have completed the family of William OSCROFT 1810 & Sarah LAMIN 1809 - I was hoping the LAMIN connection would link in to my MELLORS tree but so far no such luck. William 1810 is one of 12 children of William OSCROFT 1784 so there is likely to be links
to other Arnold Families including the JEW family of Arnold

Comments, Corrections and contacts are always welcome

20. Feb, 2017

Dawn Hickey

How do I get copies of some of the photos on the site? We are having a family reunion next month and would love to be able to show the youngsters what Arnold was like years ago when I was growing up. I lived on Cross Street at Websters Scrap Yard.

20. Feb, 2017

Dawn Hickey

Danny Polak was your dad a boxer?

Saunders Yard was opposite High Street Infants school, but its now part of Asda outdoor car park, used to run from High Street down to Front Street.

17. Feb, 2017

Paul Mayers

What an interesting site; thank you all. I was born on Cross St. in 1944., but was brought up on Coppice Road. I started school at Calverton Road infants - now apartments, I think - just about opposite the Seven Stars pub. Any body remember Ada Sulley'
s shop, Dexter fish and chips, Marion Bryan chemist. Lent on and Wilkinson ( John and Peter Fell were twins, by the way) Oscroft. Shoe repairs etc. etc.

Website 10. Feb, 2017

John Mellors

I have just completed a family group sheet for William VARLEY who appears to have married at least 3 times - first marriage to Florence LANE (1874-1903) from Radford producing 4 VARLEY children (William abt 1896, Arthur 1897, Florence 1898, Thomas P 1900).
His second marriage in 1911 to Elizabeth HARTSHORN (1869-1911) was very short lived (married in Feb 1911 and by the end of Mar Qtr 1911 Elizabeth had passed on. I have been unable to confirm the later marriage but he is shown on the 1939 Register with a possible
wife named Kate bn 1879.

It would appear that Elizabeth HARTSHORN brought a little bundle with her to the marriage in the shape of Florence May HARTSHORN bn 1890

The DENHAM/HARTSHORN family connection for this family is:

John HH 1838 m 1956 Arnold St Mary Emma DENHAM 1835 -


Elizabeth HH 1869-1911 m in 1911 Arnold St Mary to William VARLEY 1871-1958


Florence May HH bn 1890

Any help with HARTSHORN, VARLEY or DENHAM families appreciated

8. Feb, 2017

John Mellors

Just completed family group sheet for John William HOLBROOK 1881 of Arnold & Fanny RAWSON 1881. Any one interested please feel free to contact me

20. Jan, 2017

J. Parks.

Thanks Colin. I have been in touch with Shelly. We have the same Great Grandfather

16. Jan, 2017

Colin Whitehead

Re photos for John William Ellis.
It is Shelly that is looking for the photos.
contact info:

16. Jan, 2017

Parks J.

Re John William Ellis.
Colin Whitehead asking for photo's of his Great Grandfather Ellis's Bakery please get leave a message.

21. Dec, 2016

Zita Bramley

What an excellent site. Thank you for all the hours of work that have gone into this website.
I am researching the family of Percy Bramley and Mary Hannah Hartshorn

21. Dec, 2016

Zita Bramley

What an excellent site. Thank you for all the hours of work that have gone into this website.
I am researching the family of Percy Bramley and Mary Hannah Hartshorn

20. Dec, 2016

janet Woodward(coooper)

have just viewed this website and it bought back a lot of memories from when I was little. have always lived in Arnold/redhill area. wonder if anybody new the redmile family from redhill in Arnold. lived near the ram and henry st.

13. Dec, 2016

Lynne Marshall gaff

Fantastic site. Brings back many memories

26. Nov, 2016


Hi. I live in Thales Drive which is the site.of the former electricity board. Im not from Nottingham so I know very little about the history. I am looking for photos of the electricity board before the houses were built, and I'd like to know about, and
see photos, of the site before the electricity site was built. Does anyone have information? Many thanks

26. Sep, 2016

danny polak

Can anyone tell me where Saunders yard was, I have just found my birth certificate and it says that was where I lived at the time of my birth in 1970 but I cant find it now.

7. Aug, 2016

Caroline Pettit

Hello, I am interested to know of any information about the Lamb family. George Lamb born in Arnold in 1816 married Mary Ann Hawkridge. They were lacemakers who travelled to France and then onto Australia. Cheers, Caroline

14. Jul, 2016

Neville Bougourd

I am looking for the family of a Polish airman who fought in 304 Squadron in the early days of WW2. His name was Wladyslaw Their and he was on the very first bombing mission ever undertaken by 304 Squadron. He had a daughter named Marlene who I believe
still lives in Arnold and I believe her married name is DOLTON.
If anyone can put me in touch with her, I would like to put her father on my 304 Squadron memorial site. This will not cost her a penny and will preserve her father's memory. I just need a
little information from her. If anyone knows her, please ask her to contact me on Thank you.
The photograph shows her father receiving Poland's highest award for bravery - The Order of Virtuti Militari

16. May, 2016

Robert Scragg


Would anybody out there know anything about a pub that used to be on Mansfield Road opposite the Wagon and Horses at Redhill ?

I believe it was called the Three Crowns, probably a Home Brewery Pub.

Any information would
be appreciated

27. Apr, 2016

Cliff Wildgust

Are any of you people out there familiar with a place in Arnold called Old Hall Yard.One of my ancestors was living on there when he died in 1874. It is at the back of the Greek restaurant. It appears on a map dated 1783, and there is still a bit of it
there(though I'm not 100% sure if it is the original structure). Could it be the oldest building in Arnold?

1. Apr, 2016

Charlie Shaw

I have just discovered this site, and found it very entertaining. I was born on York Terrace (Blackbird Row) in 1936 and stayed in Arnold till 57when I moved over the hill to Calverton.I have lived in Burnley over 40 years now, so I have lost touch with
every one in Arnold.I was amongst the first pupils to go to the brand new Redhill Sec Mod School when it opened, moving from Robert Mellors.What a change that was, having girls in the same class!! I can remember when two1/9p at the Bonnington and supper at
Hatters was the highlight of the week. I also have very fond memories of good times in the 2nd Arnold St Marys Scout Troop, and the Arnold Swimming Club.What a backward step to knock the Baths and Library down. I'd love to hear from any of my "old" mates,
if they read this and remember me.

Website 11. Feb, 2016

ade winda

hellooo .... I'm from Indonesia . I found the website by browsing on the internet . I'm very interested to visit this website . and it turns out after it opened , the website is very nice and very helpful . mix of color matching and very creative . I was
so inspired to work like this website . thank you

1. Feb, 2016


according to some digging i believe my 3xgreat grandad charles jew (engine fitter)
is mentioned a book written by a j.t.jew
the jews of arnold,nottingham 1790-1986

can any one suggest anything

21. Jan, 2016


My great grandfather John William Ellis ran a bakery on Front Street around 1890, if you know of any photos of the shop please get in touch.

5. Jan, 2016

Colin Whitehead

Just found your wonderful site on a snowy day here in Parksville B.C. Vancouver Island,Canada.Found some great pictures and left a few comments.Brought back many happy memories.Keep up the good work.

1. Nov, 2015

Phyllis Lucy (Jew) Danko

Hello again,

I am hoping someone will be able to share information and photos of the Jew Family that lived in Arnold from the 1790s to the present (perhaps). My father, David Jew, was the son of Thomas (butcher on Front St.) and Lucy Jew. The
family history was written by John T. JEW. Does anyone know about the family?

17. Sep, 2015

Peter Wilson

Great site.
I lived in Arnold from 1952 until 1994 when I moved to the USA.
I first lived on Duke Street until I was 5 and then moved to Deerleap Drive until I was married in 1973.
My father worked at Bestwood Colliery until it closed (not
sure of the date) he eventually finished his career at Calverton Colliery.
It is great that people put the effort that they do into sites like this. Most of us like to look back from time to time.

12. Sep, 2015

david cope

born on saunders yard front street 1946

2. Aug, 2015

Eldreda Tunnicliff Johannessen

I´m an American but have lived 40+ years in Norway. My great-great-great grandfather was Joseph Acton. Joseph´s son, James, built Goodwood House and Joseph´s daughter, Mary, was my great-great grandmother. I´m very keen to know as much as possible about
Arnold and especially the Acton family.

14. Jul, 2015

Pauline Dewberry

Brillant site, I was born in Arnold in the fifties and grew up there, its lovely to see some of the old places I remember,like Goodwood House which was near where I lived.
Can anyone tell me where 45 Front Street was as some of my mothers family originally
lived there?

7. Jul, 2015

Craig Arnold

I was born in 1981 and have lived in Arnold since the late 1980s after moving from Old Basford. Due to family circumstances in the past, my given name became Arnold, but has links to both Smith and Bennett, with stronger links to the former.

a child, I have fond memories of my surroundings and clearly remember the old ice cream place and its van repair shop on High Street, which has since become a funeral business. I'm currently trying to trace an old black and white/colour picture of the site.

anybody can help provide an image that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

17. Jun, 2015

Ian Brown

Hello from Brisbane, Australia.. I love your site, heaps of fantastic memories from my childhood. Thanks so much

27. May, 2015

Hannah Taylor

Hello all.
I'm a member of staff at The Old Spot pub on Mansfield Road in Daybrook and I'm wanting to find out a bit more about the history of the place.
I know the pub was built in 1784? I'm just wondering if there are any photos of it from as
early as possible please. I'm very interested to see what we originally looked like!

Thanks in advance.

4. Apr, 2015

Ann Farrington (nee Harvey)

My name is Ann Farrington (nee Harvey), I lived on Acton Road from 1945 -1960. I left the area in 1964 to go to college. When I retired, I joined the local U3A ( local history group) I'm doing a project on Acton Road in the 50s and 60s. Does anyone have
any photographs of the street (Scattergoods coal yard etc) or any other info they could let me have.?
Many thanks.

26. Feb, 2015

Michael Tew

Hi everyone from Arnold,
My name is Michael Tew (now retired and aged 68). I used to live at 1 Robin Hood Villas, Front Street - demolished around 1960 after the "Earth Tremmor" set fire to our house ( it was opposite the Robin Hood and little john
pub). I was born there in 1946 and attended Front Street Primary School and later, Robert Mellors off Worrall Avenue.
I now live in Melbourne, Australia, but have many fond memories of "old"Arnold including the old Library, Baths and Bonnington Picture

21. Feb, 2015

Sue Simpson

I have an old photo of my great-grandfather's shop on Woodborough Rd that I thought might be of interest to you.

22. Jan, 2015

Andrew Williams

My name is Andrew Williams, my father Alec lived on wellington street. Grandfather was Jim Williams a miner.

9. Jan, 2015

william langley

hello, I am from a fwk family who lived on kelps yard off front street; help with the location greatly appreciated;

2. Dec, 2014

Old Sage Chris

To all members, please, please do not get rid of your old 35mm negatives as I have the kit to scan and convert them to prints for transferring to a computer photo album, also does framed colour slides as well.

21. Nov, 2014

Old Sage Chris

My family connections to Arnold goes way back in my own records to the early 1800s (great grandfather) at least and we were here probably earlier than that. I came to Daybrook from Mapperly at the end of the war in 1945 at the age of five when my father
became the retained leading fireman at Daybrook fire station and I have lived in Nottingham City/County since and have been at Bestwood Park for the last nine years and counting!!

13. Nov, 2014

Peter casterton

I am a peter Casterton which peter Casterton are you looking for I live in South yorkshire i am 70 years old

Website 9. Nov, 2014

Mick Parsons

Good Web Site , lived on Rollo 153 many years, major oak Great Pub . now after 27 years moving bk to Arnold next month.

21. Oct, 2014

Andrew James

This is a great site and very useful to people researching family history.
This is a photo of my grandfather when he was a member of Morleys FC 1920/21. Does anyone recognise any of the other players? My grandfather is the player bottom row, far left.
Would he have had to be employed at Morleys to be in theirs team?

24. Sep, 2014


love arnold had some off the best days of my life there

16. Sep, 2014

Bob Massey

Roger thank you for sending your pictures but we do not appear to have received them can you send them to me direct
Bob Massey Vice Chairman

15. Sep, 2014

Roger Leivers

I recently (about three weeks ago) emailed over a load of old pictures of my family from the 1920's onwards, plus pictures of Arnold. Whilst I don't expect heroic tributes to be made I'd at least like to have had an email back to say the Society got them

22. Aug, 2014


Hi im looking for a picture of my mums old house in Arnold. It was 108 High Street. Which is now know as ASDA. If any one has any pictures of this between the period of 1963 - 1976 I would be delighted. Or if anyone has any information on where i could
locate such pictures. So far i have tried picture in the past and Library archieve but to no prevail. Many thanks

9. Apr, 2014

Kathleen Betty Tipper nee Sanders

I was born in Daybrook in 1933 and we lived on Sherbrook Road - just beyond Sherbrook Terrace opposite Jacoby's factory. My mother's maiden name was Mottershaw and her father, William born 1860, lived on Brookfield and worked as a framework knitter at
Allen Sollys for over 50 years. From about 1918 - 1928 the Mottershaw family lived at The Poplars - a biggish, white house on Mansfield Road, Daybrook. Sadly, it's not there anymore but if anyone has any photos or knows anything about the house would they
please email me.
Thanks for producing a lovely website, it brought back such a lot of memories for me.

12. Feb, 2014


If anyone has photos of my lovely late fathers shop Lenton and Wilkinson please can they be posted on here. He was John Fell, lived, breathed died Arnold. Bless him. I believe it to be the oldest shop in Arnold supposedly. Thank you his daughter Deborah

Website 22. Dec, 2013

Margaret R Blake

Hi there, from Tasmania. being originally from the northern hemisphere it was so great to find this page. Merry Christmas to all and a prosperous 2014.

4. Dec, 2013

Julie Archer

Julie Archer (Canada) Dec 4, 2013

I was born and raised in arnold, so naturally have an affinity with its culture and history. Thanks for sharing these photos and some more history I did not know of. I now live in Canada but make the occasional
trip back and still like to walk around and see the old buildings. I'm quite humbled to have come from this town. Thanks

3. Sep, 2013

Jane epworth

I have always been interested in old arnold, my dads family have always been a part of arnold, grandad lived on Edwin street in daybrook. His name was Fred Marshall and relations included Weston (builder of old arnold)

6. Aug, 2013

Hilary Stafford

I don't know Arnold well but a sizeable part of my family tree is based there - Fox, Capel, Stafford, Longden, Lafbery, Latham, Casterton names, and more, all figure in the story I'm researching, so joining you looks like a good idea! Contributions are
of welcome interest, too.

5. Aug, 2013

Mary warren

I would like more information on research family history. Thank you

21. Jul, 2013

David Hutchison

Curious to find out if old army mobilisation centre from ww2 is still there or if you can give me a location as to where it was

My grandfather was mobilised here when he was in the reme

11. Apr, 2013

katherine wood

just interested to know the history of the building Bonnington house .My late husbands family were all from Arnold & i used to listen to tales of old Arnold .

4. Apr, 2013

nancy dean

Hello my name is Nancy dean, I used to live in daybrook square, I was born in 1925, has anybody got any information about my grandfather Saddler Dean, I believe Dean road Thackeray lane was named after the family. I think he had a field there. Please e-mail
at Thank you

2. Feb, 2013

Helen Turnbull

I have just revisited your super site and am grateful for the help relating to Arnold riots which are part of a presentation I give in Devon. In case anyone can shed any light on the Abbott family from Arnold c1800, I would like them to note my change
of email address. Thanks.

Website 9. Dec, 2012


GO my web! and please comment and like PLEASE!!!!!

6. Dec, 2012


Greetings from the West Coast of Canada -
I've had a pleasant time rooting about on your site and am hopeful that someone can answer a question for me. My 4x great grandfather, Samuel Statham, was a hosier in the district and lived at "Arnold Grove"
until bankruptcy proceedings forced the sale of his house in 1807. Can someone tell me whether Arnold and Arnold Grove are two separate entities? I had always assumed that Arnold Grove was the name of the house but can find more than one family listed as living
there at the same time - the Williams family and the Turbutts - so am beginning to wonder whether it was a village rather than a residence.

11. Nov, 2012

Tony Robinson

Anyone know where Albans Villas was?

11. Nov, 2012

Tony Robinson

I've been around the Arnold area all my life, went to Daybrook Infants/Juniors then Robert Mellors Secondary for Boys. Many of the places in the photographs on this site I can remember. I'm now researching my family history and was surprised to find that
a distant relative lived at "Albans Villas" Redhill in the 1891 Census. A map of Arnold/Daybrook in 1900 shows very few houses on St Albans Road and even less in Redhill. I went to see "The Cockleshell Heroes" at the Bonnington Picture House one Saturday afternoon
when about 10 years old and bought my first adult bike from Merrins Bike Shopper. It was a pink and grey Lincoln Imp.

24. Sep, 2012

charlie machin

hi, just found your site hope to come to one of your meetings, i was born and bred in arnold, my mums dad was george wildgust, one of the oldest familys, in arnold,
thank you..

19. Sep, 2012

Alan Goddard

Do you know what age group the children are in Image 2 of 'Do you recognise' at Daybrook School in 1926? My own father would have been 12 in that year but my unclues and aunt would have been 10, 7 and 5. It could be that one of them could have been in
the photo as one of the boys - in front & to the right of the teacher standing looks similar to boys in an old photo takenabout 1923 as attached. They lived on Sherbrook Road - the first house after Caddy's Foundry on the right hand side going up from Daybrook

18. Jul, 2012

Heather McCormack (Lawley)

my family were all from Arnold and we have lived here all our lives. We owned the Mill Cottage which was on the original Mill Lane on Cross Street. There is a lot of history surrounding the owners of the textile mill at Arnold Park, and the Mill where
we lived. I recognise most of the pictures of Arnold changing. Lovely to see

28. Apr, 2012

Simon Horton

My descendants, the Hortons, inhabited about half of Cottage Row in the second half of the 1800s.
Fantastic website. Some great pictures.

11. Apr, 2012

John Isherwood

Wonderful to see the Old Arnold slide show.
A place of interest & History.

25. Mar, 2012

Helen Turnbull

All very interesting. I kept my pony in a paddock by the main road to Mansfield? in the 50s with my Friend Jenny whose parents ran the local dairy. I don't remember all those factories, just roads of houses. 50 years later I found that my ancestors, William and Elizabeth Abbott lived in Arnold. Sadly I can find no other details. I am doing research on riots in 18oos. Does anyone know anything about food/machine riots in Arnold at that time? Thanks for the connection.

18. Jan, 2012

Sarah Yates

Thanks for the book titles - I have them on order to go with my Dad's family tree as part of a xmas/birthday present. Managed to trace our Parr/Guy/Terry/Haywood tree back to 1648 so far....!

12. Jan, 2012

Cynthia O'Neill nee Foster

Lovely to see photos of Arnold. I grew up in Arnold in 1950s and 1960s. I am currently researching Foster and Hopewell families. Now living in Australia. Photos brought back lots of memories.

22. Dec, 2011

bob massey

two books on arnold town written by roger rann cover the period you are interested in and available from the library. "When Marys Were Kings" and "kings of the rec "

22. Dec, 2011

Sarah Parr

Where could I go to find information on my Grandad Samuel Parr that was the lead goal scorer for Arnold Town (St Marys) FC in the 1930s and 40s? No reply from anyone at Arnold Town...

18. Nov, 2011


Why not a small Arnold Museum shop
on the Front Street where residents can
donate photos.and info.and maybe
some items of our Frameworkers lives etc and/or just drop in for a chat or coffee?

Website 17. Oct, 2011


very nice website, thank you that I could look here and be inspired.

14. Aug, 2011

Paul Stimpson

Wonderfull site, Ive lived in arnold since 1966 and have always had a keen interest in the history and mystery that surrounds arnold
Keep up the good work

27. Jul, 2011


Fantastic work. Still working my way around the site and I was amazed with the photograph of Front Street. A lot of my ancestors lived on Front Street, so it was truely wonderful to see!

Website 8. May, 2011


Nice site.

Website 27. Oct, 2010


Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

15. Sep, 2010

Mike Sheldon

I don't know if you are aware that you have a Waterloo veteran buried at St Marys Church in Arnold. His name was Thomas Sheldon born in Beeston in 1795 and was my great, great, great Uncle. He died and was buried in 1875 and fought at the famous battle and retired as a Chelsea Pensioner in 1840. If you would like more info then please contact me by email.

14. Feb, 2010

peter robinson

looking forward the film keep up the good work